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Give your registered coin, trading card or memorabilia collection the unique coverage it deserves. Give yourself peace of mind by insuring your prized collection.

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Protect Your Prized Collection

A commemorative coin, a pre-war vintage baseball card set, or an autographed Super Bowl ticket…protect them with the same care you collect them.

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Anywhere, From Almost Anything

Worldwide coverage for loss, theft, or damage. Coverage limits and deductibles are customized to you and your registered coin, card or sports memorabilia collection.

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For a fraction of the cost of your collection

Insure it today for a fraction of its cost.

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Quote in under a minute. Buy in under 10, online or by phone. Insurance through Cards, Coins and Collectibles is as simple as it is strong.

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Collectibles insurance through Lavalier is designed to protect all kinds of jewelry: engagement rings, wedding rings, and other diamond rings; necklaces, bracelets, earrings; and any type of gem, diamond or other jewelry including watches. Coverage provides protection for claims on lost rings, stolen necklaces and the like, as well as jewelry damage, such as cracked or scratched diamonds or lost jewels. Purchasing insurance through Lavalier is quick and simple, requiring only basic information on you and your jewelry as well as an appraisal for each jewelry item you wish to insure (or detailed sales receipt for items below a certain value). You may apply for coverage through Lavalier without an appraisal so long as you provide one within ten days of your application.

Through Lavalier, quote online in under a minute; buy online or by phone in under ten minutes. Jewelry insurance through Lavalier is as simple as it is strong.